We Strive To Help Each Client Thrive

Caring and Compassionate Healthcare that Counts

Emerge was established in 2014 to deliver superior behavioral health services. We specialize in client-centered care that helps improve the lives of clients and their families.

  • At Emerge, we strive to help each client thrive and realize their best.
  • At Emerge, we hire and retain highly talented and skilled professionals with the heart to help.
  • At Emerge, we ensure employees have the tools and resources to always put clients first.
  • At Emerge, we endeavor to understand each client’s needs, wants, and desires to individualize services.
  • At Emerge, we are intent on being a place where clients and families receive the compassion, care, and respect they deserve to make the change they want.
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    Family & Group Counseling Services
  • Individual Counseling Services
    Substance Abuse Counseling Services

Welcome to Emerge’s site!

We appreciate your visit. We look forward to being your healthcare choice. We believe health is the biggest factor of success. So, we are committed to being a place where you receive the support, resources, and tools to achieve your personal best.

We look forward to meeting you and working with you to achieve higher levels of health, growth, well-being, and success.  We are committed to understanding you as a person to better serve you as you work to realize your hopes and dreams. We will put you first all the time and every time…no exceptions!

We are committed to being instrumental in helping clients achieve their hopes and dreams. In our relationship with you; we will put you first all the time, every time, no exceptions!

-Cedric Maddox, CEO

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